my poetry:

written nvember 19th 21 - "3"

i knew i was gonna leave this city one day,
atleast for a bit -
knowing you will be there, every step of the way,
gave me a kik -

and it was great, cooking, sleeping, living togehter,
atleast until i noticed a change -
i began to thrive, leaving most of it behind, you rather
shrunk up, longed for another change -

so you worked up the courage, sat me down -
told me, that you cant do this anymore -
i teared up, but deep down i have known -
that you need more time to stay ashore -

clara, altough it breaks my heart, seeing you leave -
i am proud of you for taking care of yourself -
and i know this wont be the end -
see you soon my bestfriend -

written november 13th 21 - "5"

walking down the street so familiar, but so new -
trying to remember this night, the view -
racing thoughts and an empty head -
waiting for this memory to shed -

seeing you seems so far gone -
trying to remember before they're gone -
the memorys, precious before -
even more valuable now, than ever before -